Start your path of self discovery.

Deep U is a set of programs and experiences, practised in a safe environment, for you to explore a connection to who you really are and what life wants to live through you.

We call it Awareness-based Human Flourishing.

Go deep within yourself, with carefully designed experiences.

Get on your path to human flourishing. A path to become more aware of who you are, connected with your natural inner wisdom and inspired to manifest your highest potential in the world.


Get introduced to Deep U and awareness based human flourishing through a interactive keynote.


A set of sessions to learn and practice the different awareness-based methodologies that are the core of Deep U.


Open your mind, heart, and will, and discover how to manifest your action in the world during a life-inspiring retreat.


A 3-day event designed to help you integrate different parts of yourself and reconnect with your essence.


Go deeper into relevant topics for your evolution in curated full-day experiences.

Open Field

Half-day monthly gatherings in a safe lab-like space for Deep U alumni to practice together.

Our tested methodologies

We’ve carefully selected experiences founded on cutting-edge awareness-based technologies, trauma-based approaches, and heart-rooted practices developed by internationally renowned institutions, teachers, and thought leaders.

Our programs

Deep U offers experiential programs to help you be more aware, more aligned with your Essence, and to flourish.

Deep U · Retreat

Deep U Retreat

Pay with the Heart*

A three to four-day retreat to go deep within yourself, into a transforming experience. You will become more aware, connected and motivated to bring your uniqueness to the world.

New dates coming soon


New dates coming soon


Munich (Germany), Vrads (Denmark) and Kanha (India)



Deep U · Individual sessions

Inner dives

Pay with the Heart*

A one-on-one session with Vasco, using tools and methodologies that are awareness-based, trauma-informed and heart-rooted, to reconnect with our Essence.

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online (zoom)



Deep U · Journey

Heartfulness - introduction to the Path of the Heart


Heartfulness is a simple and beautiful meditation practice that connects us with our Heart, allowing us to (re)connect with our Essence/Higher Self and to manifest who we truly are in the World. It is at the core of all our offerings and we can offer it also directly to you as a Gift.

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* Pay with the Heart

Deep U has been deeply inspired by Giftivism (also known as Gift Ecology). As such, in all our offers you will see it being applied, either offering several price ranges, inviting you to pay in any form of capital that you have an abundance of, or simply inviting you to ask your heart the right amount to pay.

Any time that you pay more than the recommended amount, you’ll be directly supporting those who can’t afford as much, allowing us to make our events sustainable and inclusive.

We believe that every transaction can become an act of service and love for others and the planet and we hope that you also want to be part of this adventure.

Vasco Gaspar

Program Facilitator

Vasco is an international author, speaker and facilitator that curates science-based methodologies to create safe spaces for people to manifest their true potential.

What others are saying

See what people that have participated at the retreat have to say about this unique and deep experience.

It was one of the strongest experiences of my life, and I am 73 years old.

Jean-Jacques M.

A pause. A journey inward. A space to feel and listen to the ourselves. The discovery or rediscovery of a direction and the obstacles on that path.

Ana C.

Deep U was life changing. The program design and facilitation brought awareness to patterns of stuckness and practices to move through those patterns with ease. I feel at peace and more connected as a result of the program.

Abri H.

It was wonderful, very enriching in consciousness and clarity of who we are, where we are and where we are heading, and how we want to go for it.

Anabela G.

An experience that connects you with your true wisdom, essence and humanity. A reconnection with your true potential.

Silvia D.

It was 3 days of interior renewal and strengthening of long forgotten connections. Body, soul and heart. Fabulous time spent on learning, sharing and giving.

Ana A.

A moment where you stop, reflect and internalize. Because there is a purpose in each one of us and finding out what it is helps us give the best of ourselves, to others, to the world.

Raquel C.

A really well-designed program where every exercise allows, almost without you noticing it, to live a process of total opening of your being, and that surprises us at the end by what was achieved and by the door of the future that opens up.

Jorge A.

It was an experience that transcended all my expectations. It brought me back Home and reinforced my hope and my capacity to accept. A living experienced with an amazing depth that bring us back to our Essence.

Ana P.

This program allowed me to become aware of important aspects of my life and to enhance the relationship with myself and others. I highly recommend it :)

Jordana C.

It is a program that has brought alignment and made me live the best part of me. It is a space of integration and connection at such a deep level that gratitude and kindness emerge on their own.

Sara S.

A deep dive into discovering what prevents you from flourishing as a human being, and a vast resource map to be able to navigate day-to-day life. The program clearly allows us to level up.

Maria B.

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